Financing Requirements

At Auto Trade Limited, we make purchasing a vehicle easy. We are determined to find the best solution for your pocket, so you can get the brand new or pre-owned vehicle you desire!


Commercial / Business

  • Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Incorporation, Notice of Directors & Notice of Address (Original and copies accepted; the business must be registered in Dominica)
  • Recent or Current month’s bank statement / Credit Report
  • Banker’s Reference
  • Board Resolution authorizing the opening of the Finance/Lease account
  • Two valid IDs to include a Driver’s License (plus Passport or Social Security Card) required for the agent appointed to negotiate on behalf of the company
  • Copy of government contract (if applicable)
  • Interview by Finance Officer

Personal / Individuals

  • Two valid Government issued IDs to include a Driver’s License (plus Passport/Social Security Card)
  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill not older than recent three (3) months)
  • Last three (3) recent months salary slips
  • Job Letter/Proof of Employment
  • Credit Reports
  • Bank Statement
  • Interview by Finance Officer