For 60 years, Yamaha Motor group has endeavored to create diverse value through products and services since its founding.

Being the “Kando* creating company” is our goal to “offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world”. We strive to use our ingenuity and passion to realize peoples' dreams and always be the ones they look up to for “the next Kando*.”

Yamaha Marine celebrates 60 years in 2020

From its humble beginnings of developing outboards for use in small fishing ports around Japan, the 60-year history of Yamaha Outboards has taken us to waters around the world and driven numerous technological advances. But what hasn’t changed is the care and passion we bring to the design and manufacture of each and every product. Whether it is for business or pleasure, Yamaha outboards are built to bring all the joys, comforts and fulfillment of the marine lifestyle to people around the world. This has been and will remain why Yamaha will continue striving to produce the best outboard motors possible.


Auto Trade Ltd has inventory of the most popular Yamaha Outboards used in our market, but we can can also custom order based on your needs.

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There are many ways to enjoy boating, from fishing and cruising to cruising and water skiing.  Whatever your boating style, a Yamaha will add excitement to your lifestyle and we can help you find one.


The history of Yamaha Boats trace back to the 1960s, when company introduced fishing boats built to meat the high standards of reliability and durability demanded by Japan's commercial fishing industry.  In the 1970s the production of expanded to motorboats and sailboats to answer the needs of the growing leisure marine markets.  Yamaha Motors has always be an innovative leader in developing products that offer the customers the best design for their needs and to enrich society so that people can truly enjoy life.  That ideal still lives on today in all the model of boats that Yamaha build.

Our team can custom order any Yamaha boat your desire, just contact us for a quotation.

"People","Water" and the "Environment" in Harmony: providing a world of excitement on the water

Yamaha introduced the WaveRunner in 1986 as the world's first tandem model PWC (Personal Water Craft). It was a craft developed around the concepts of reliability, fun and functionality. It was also a craft that could only have been built by Yamaha, a company with a unique combination of long years of small engine expertise in the motorcycle and outboard motor fields and equally deep experience and know-how in boat design and construction.

And ever since, Yamaha has continued to develop and refine its technologies to achieve a beautiful harmony between what the customers want in a WaveRunner and what is good for the local societies and the environment.

Open up your imagination about the many new ways you can enjoy the WaveRunner world.  Let's help you get out on the water in a Yamaha WaveRunner.

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